Wednesday, 14 May 2008

Egypt Level [Revise]

Above is the previous concept for the Ancient Egypt level. Chris and I discussed over this design and agreed upon it looking too “empty” with not many things to do.

Therefore, I got rid of the middle bit with the swings, pushed back the sides a bit and put two pillars in the middle for a spot of wall jumping for Ed. I also made the chamber on the bottom right harder to get into having to wall jump your way into the small gap above before you fight the Ink-Leeches. On the top area directly above the chamber is coated with “wet-sand” that will slow movements down. You would not want that as there is a big mace swinging towards you at full momentum! Of which I made more accessible by making the spikes into small ledges to climb on.

Above is the final revision for this level. Starting at the beginning (bottom left), there’s now a rope instead of a hill. Furthermore, you have to wall jump off that wall to get to the rope. I squashed this area more and made the slide bar with more twists that ends on a breakable platform. You will slide straight onto it, but you had better think fast as it crumbles beneath your feet instantly. The next area is a mini-maze…with traps and Ink Leeches! Traps include a spiky rock that crashes down on you; sharp arrows that fire at you and… a big boulder that chases after you! After you have cleared the maze of Ink Leeches, you have to go back to the small platform and perform a few skilful wall jumps in order to progress upwards.

Above the roof of the maze is coated in wet sand and guarded by those arrows like inside. To the far left I replaced the ladder with more natural-looking stones, and to the far right, I made the spiky stones smaller to make life easier with layers and general animating when Chris does the colour-fill effect. I generally squashed this area more to allow more wall jumps and a tighter space to battle the Ink Leeches in the chamber. Radhika suggested a tornado for this level, so I decided to put this at the top where it will act as either a hindrance or a blessing depending on your timing with it against the big mace. Oh and I redesigned the artefact graphic at the top too!

Dominic Lopez

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