Tuesday, 13 May 2008

Level 04: Lethal Lava Level

As the title suggests, this level is deep underground, filled with lava and it’s dangerous! What’s so dangerous I hear you ask? It’s the only level where you can lose a whole life! The levels up to this point have been pretty easy-going and straight forward offering no real danger element aside from the Ink-Leeches. Upon realising this, I decided to make this level (level 4 out of 5) somewhat more challenging by including a one-way system (left-right travel with no back-tracking) and lava for the death element. There are also piping hot steam ducts that can really scorch Ed and weak platforms that break away upon first touch. I also included a devious Mine kart that travels really fast…into your doom! The only signal you get to jump off is when it jumps off rails momentarily by a steam duct.

So the level starts with Ed falling down the passage on the far left. The player is then forced into drawing a raft of sorts to surf the lava until Ed reaches the bottom. From here you can take the short route along the bottom (that is harder) or move up towards the mine kart and progress along the top. A little way past the middle you have more platforms to get across that lead toward a tunnel (blue – at the bottom). From here it’s a race to the finish as the lava begins to erupt behind you Hill Top Zone (Sonic The Hedgehog 2, 1992 SEGA Genesis) stylee.

As well as all the other hazards, I also want earthquakes that paralyze Ed for a few seconds and rocks that fall from above injuring him.

  • Hidden path
  • Moveable parts
  • Weak structure on platform
  • Level Artefacts
Dominic Lopez

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