Wednesday, 14 May 2008

Rome Level [Revise]

This was the version I was not happy with due to the lack of everything. Radhika and I discussed over this and came up with this concept (below). Radhika suggested a “Leech Pit” holding a sea of Ink Leeches and a catapult to launch Ed onto collapsing platforms as he makes his way to the other side collecting the artefacts as he jumps. If you did fall, you would not die straight away, oh no! You would have a very slim chance to get to land but I guess, as there are so many Leeches in the pit, your chances of survival are close to zero. In addition, you cannot progress to the final boss unless you collect ALL the artefacts. If you don’t you’ll have to try again and that might mean a dip in the Leech Pit if you’re brave enough.

Dominic Lopez

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