Saturday, 23 February 2008

Concept Sketches - 'Terry Boole'

Using the brainstorms again, I tried coming up with interesting variations on the 'bully' character. As a bully, we wanted to go for some of the typical elements associated with this type of character but as a Character Designer, I tried to stay away from making the bully look too stereotypical. We wanted him/her to be quite on the chunky side (and intimidating of course) the kind that'll steal your lunch money and give you a super-wedgie at the same time. :)
Here i tried to get across the bully's aggression in his face and pose. Initially we wanted to have the bully with a shaved head but i thought it may be a good idea to experiment with hair, and the shaved head may also 'age' the character, he's only around 15.

Another alternative to the 'chunky' aspect was to have the bully be some sort of sporty character, and also playing into one of the clich├ęs of having the school Team's captain pick on the nerds and geeks (Just like an episode of Saved By The Bell) :). In this way, he would be a sort of 'cool ' figure, but still a bully though.

Low and behold, the bully takes on more of an individual personality :). here i decided to exaggerate his bulkiness, making his torso seem disproportional to his lower half. His clothes are nothing special, but fairly fitted to emphasize his...well...size. :) His hair and chin-goatee connotes a demonic personality. :-O

I call this the 'Keith Flint' look :) I tried taking that 'demonic' hair and really accentuating it with a more aggressive personality, but this time the horn-hair really indicates his inner-raging bull. The sketch next to it is more of an experimantation, especially with hair (which started life as a hat of some kind but turned into hair so I just went with it) ;) The dollar-sign bling belt and the afro style hair makes a nice change to the usual 'bully' look we get to see in cartoons.

The bully shown here is clearly skiving school and on the hunt for new victims. :-O I gave him a typical school uniform but a very unkempt version - loosened tie, undone shoelaces, lack of blazer. an obvious rebel, especially with that custom belt buckle. But strangely his shirt remains tucked in...? But i suppose I wanted to emphasize his size and shape by doing this. :)

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