Monday, 18 February 2008

Game Brief

After much consideration about where we thought the concept might go, we finally came up with an idea which sounded interesting and feasible enough to base our game demo on. We tried to word it out in as concise a way as we could:

"an ordinary boy with a talent for drawing comics gets sucked into a bleak and colourless world within his imagination. He must use his knack and artistry to regain his colour ‘aura’ and defeat the evil colour-draining bully to return home to reality."

The decided genre is going to be Action/Fantasy based around a platform game formula.-

Group progress: experimentation in Flash of game intro, using 'paintstroke' effect, discussion of the allocation of option 'buttons', discussion of general game 'layout' on what the gamer will see, experimentation with actionscript to allow the drawn 'styus' to click and drag a drawn line in Flash to emulate the DS touchscreen feature, discussion on what the final outcome may be in terms of level of interactivity and amount of animation.

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