Saturday, 23 February 2008

Concept Sketches : 'Ed Scriber'

Using the character brainstorms done previously, I took the main elements of Ed's appearance and generated a few possible versions of the character. The group decided that Ed was going to have a fairly scrawny build (well he is an artist, artists don't have time for pumping iron now do they hmm?) :) And have an air of scruffiness about him (only subtle though, we didn't want people to mistake him for a homeless guy). As for clothes, Ed has a customised shirt with 3/4 length trousers (very 'in' at the moment) :) Also, it was essential to have him carry his trusty artist's pencil on his ear, as this would be the main tool for him to eliminate his enemies in the game itself. These were my one of my first attempt at sketching Ed. Although the group decided to make him look a bit pathetic, I tried to incorporate some aesthetic quality into the character. Part of the Game Character Design process is about creating a character that the player can have a likability toward, this includes the visual aspect of the character as well as personality. So I didn't really have the heart to make Ed totally repulsive. :)

I also tried different styles in creating the look of Ed, especially in the eyes here. Because he is only 12, the eyes on the far left indicate more of a sense of innocence somehow. The eyes on the next version are more exaggerated yet also allow for more expression. With these drawings I wanted to subtly indicate his love of drawing . The fact that he's holding the books close to his chest kind of states how much his art means to him, and also his sense of insecurity.

Ok maybe Ed looks a bit too cool here, but the fact that he's holding his paintbrush tells you how much better he feels when he's being all arty. That's probably where he feels most confident. the pic next to that was just for fun. :) Or it could show the pressure he's under during the game to use his artistry and skill to beat the enemies!

Ed here is shown to be more of an introvert, and has more of a cuter look. The Ed next to him has just encountered an other-worldly being within his dreams. :-O

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